Don’t allow circumstances and your needs dictate your life. The happiness and success of your life depend on the quality of your thoughts. It is never too late to decide to become a better person and become successful.

Your curiosity for what is hidden in you is far better than your curiosity for what is hidden from you. Success is inside you.

Be addicted to bettering yourself through the Word! The Word of God is a step up converter, it will step up your life. Give yourself time, but you will struggle to focus until you give yourself a clear deadline. Be success conscious! Success isn’t necessarily measured towards the tail end of one’s life; it can be measured at different stages of one’s life.

Remember, behind every successful man, there’s God. So, when you get successful, don’t allow it get to your head, and refuse to be distracted. Keep your feet and eyes on God! Don’t walk away from God.

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